Rootstown Veterinary Hospital


DENTAL CARE- Dental care is important to the overall health of your pet. We promote early prevention of dental disease by recommending clients begin brushing their animals teeth at early months of life and routine dental check ups. When dental disease occurs, we have state of the art equipment to clean, polish, and perform tooth extractions along with oral surgery when necessary.

DIGITAL RADIOLOGY—We offer the latest technology in digital radiographs which allows us to view and interpret results in seconds with a clear and accurate picture of your pet. With these capabilities, we can efficiently diagnosis and begin treating many disorders.

COMPREHENSIVE BLOODWORK—Our-in-house laboratory allows us to obtain blood chemistry results quickly to determine an illness that is present or analyze a patient's overall health prior to anesthesia. Along with blood chemistry, we perform urinalysis, fecal checks, heartworm tests, parvo tests, and feline leukemia/ feline immunodeficiency virus tests. We utilize a commercial veterinary laboratory for specialized diagnostic tests.

SURGERY- SOFT TISSUE AND ORTHOPEDIC- We perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries including but not limited to tumor removal, abscess repair, bladder surgery, ear hematomas, and various abdominal exploratories and foreign body removals. Orthopedic surgeries include fracture repair, femoral head osteotomy, and anterior cruciate ligament repair. Every surgery is monitored closely by pulse oximetry and our highly trained technician.

SPAY AND NEUTER- The terms spay and neuter refer to ovariohysterectomy for females and castration for males. We recommend all pets not used for breeding purposes have these procedures performed to help prevent pet overpopulation, mammary and uterine cancer in females, testicular and prostate cancer in males, and life threatening uterine infections (pyometras) in females.

MICROCHIPPING- We offer permanent identification microchips for your pets in case they ever become lost they can be easily identified and return to your home. The microchip can be implanted at an appointment or at the time of spay or neuter.

ISOLATION WARD- We have designed a completely isolated room to house and care for pets with contagious diseases such as Parvo virus in canines. A strict protocol is enforced as to better treat our patient and not allow the disease to spread to any other pet currently in our hospital.

SENIOR CARE- We recommend all senior pets have blood work screening and radiographs to allow for early detection of disease to better treat and enhance quality of life. Pets are living longer, happier lives due to advancement in veterinary treatment and procedures and we are here to help you give the best care to your senior pet in their "golden years".

EUTHANASIA SERVICES- Saying good-bye to a beloved pet is one of the most challenging and difficult decisions to make. Our compassionate staff is here to help you through this painful experience and make the last moments easier on you and your pet. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns and we will help guide you in the best way possible.

DROP OFF EXAMS - We understand how schedules can become hectic so we offer you the option to drop off your pet for vaccines or sickness exam in the morning and pick-up in the evening. Our facility can easily accommodate these requests and ensure your pet will receive a whole lot of individual TLC.

WELLNESS EXAM - We recommend an annual exam and specific vaccine protocol tailored to your pets individual needs. Exams are recommended more often in cases of illness or advancing age.

VACCINES  -We offer vaccine protocols on an individual basis depending on your pet's environment, social habits, and risk to diseases.

We offer services to encompass all of your canine and feline pet care needs.